Credit Card Activities


ADVENT Merchant Services, LLC.
Brings the nation together through secure and reliable payment solutions. We work with our merchant partners to create customized programs that enable acceptance of credit and debit cards, private label cards, electronic gift cards and electronic check conversion. In addition, ADVENT Merchant Services can provide merchant's with funding against future credit card sales. We simply review your last six months of credit card processing statements, No credit checks or FICO scores.

In this highly competitive market, we need to analyze how our business is performing on a regular basis to ensure we continue to operate in an efficient and cost effective method.

ADVENT Merchant Services, LLC. is where that analysis starts. We meet with merchants and perform an in-depth cost analysis of your current merchant processing statement to assess where and how we can assist a merchant with reducing processing expenses and increase revenue.

Not only does ADVENT Merchant Services show you how to increase your profits, but we also update you with any new rules and regulations, ensuring compliance with the credit card associations. Call one of our sales professionals today!